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[APD] Re: ATI sponge

"Rick wrote:
In regards to your sponge filters, what you do with them is cut a short
(in the case of the #1 very short) piece of air tubing, attach the
bottom end to an air stone and the top to the lower or inside portion of
that "port" that goes on top where you attach the plastic tubing. You
then attach a piece of air tubing to the top port which is connected to
your air pump. The plastic tubes make a big difference in the draw
however I only use them in my deeper tanks."

  That is exactly how I have it set up.  I will try a short piece of
plastic tube to see if that gives me a little more draw. I think that
the problem is that the #1 filter is so short to begin with.
..... And I will work on getting a little more CO2 into the

joanne damon
joanne000 at webtv_net

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