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[APD] Algae ID.

When I started researching what kinds of algae were
invading my aquaria, I found it very hard to tell if
what it was I had - the descriptions and pictures of
the net aren't detailed enough that I can say if it's
staghorn, fuzz or what. As I've got a camera and a
microscope I thought I'd try to do something about the
situation, and am trying to compile photos of the
algae in my aquaria. However, I am finding it hard to
identify them. I don't even know if it's staghorn
algae I've got, much less if it's Cladophora or

So, if you want to have a crack at it, visit
http://mikes-machine.mine.nu/algae_gallery.htm , and
if think you can pin a common or scientific name on
any of them, please mail me.

Also, if you have good quality high-resolution images
(and preferably also microscope images) of aquarium
algae, ideally already identified, I'd be more than
happy to add them to the gallery.

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