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RE: [APD] Clippard needle valves

--- orders at aquatic-store_com wrote:
> Hello,
> Could someone inform me of the 2 clippard parts I need for the needle 
> valve?
> What is their sku?
> I ran out and forgot to write them down.
> Thanks
> Marc
Scott H wrote:

Does this mean orders aren't being filled on time?


Boy, this is  w a y  b e y o n d  belief! Better hope IRS doesn't want to
see that  Clippard invoice....

This makes me think of a certain vendor in the not too distant past with the
hobby of harassing his customers with the NY courts just for telling it like
it was (this is not in any way an attempt to associate the qualities of this
vendor with that so-called vendor).

It also reminds me that as an employer, I best say only positive things
about former employees when I'm called for references. And I know if I were
to check with applicants' former employers, they'd only say positive things
(if they have any sense). But of course, one learns to separate the true
good recommendations from the plastic fuzzies.

Getting back to the subject - after placing an order with aquatic-store.com
that couldn't be filled, my money was refunded in full to my PayPal account
with out hassle. 

Gary Whitt
Cork bark backgrounds in planted aquaria

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