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[APD] Re: HOT Magnum pro system

Joanne wrote:
 So what I really need is a reasonably low flow rate, large area for
media, and low surface agitation....any ideas????
    I am leaning toward the AquaClear 200 kept at low (66 g/h),, still
would have surface agitation, but more room for media.

  I am using a small Fluval canister.  I have set the spraybar across the bottom of the tank at the back, behind the plants.  It keeps the water moving with NO surface agitation.  You can insert valves inline in the uptake and output to control the flowrate.  
  Plus, being a canister, you can fill it w. any medium you desire.  I've got the Fluval 103 on a 35gal, but have used it nicely on a 20gal.  You could probably even run it on a 10gal if you toned it down a bit.

Jason Miller
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