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[APD] Re: HOT Magnum pro system

rick wrote:
What's wrong with the Aqua Clear? You don't mention what size tank you

    I really like the AquaClear.. just keeps on running and running.
    What I have now is an AquaClear mini with a large foam prefilter on
a 15 gal heavily planted, heavily stocked ( guppy fry and adult males)
tank.  I have yeast supplied CO2  and onyx substrate with a layer of
peat under it.
  What I am looking for is a larger space to add extra bio material (to
get rid of the large foam prefilter), carbon and peat (I haven't been
able to get my PH below 7.8 even with CO2 because of my tap is high
GH/KH and the onyx is not helping.. and the mini just doesn't have the
   The flow rate is fine on the mini for this tank, I can back it down
for feeding.  There is too much surface disturbance though at high and I
am loosing too much CO2.     
  I know the flow rate of the HOT magnum is way to high for this tank.
The long tail guppies have a hard enough time swimming with the mini on
high at 100 g/h.  250 g/h will probable knock them out!!!!!
  What I did like about the HOT magnum over the AquaClear is the off/on
switch ( for feeding), the directional out flow, ( that looks like it
can be directed below the water to avoid surface disturbance???), the
carbon/media container, and that it is self priming....(great for water
changes or in the summer when the electricity goes out and the water
level is too low for the AquaClear to start back up on it's own). 
    So what I really need is a reasonably low flow rate, large area for
media, and low surface agitation....any ideas????
    I am leaning toward the AquaClear 200 kept at low (66 g/h),, still
would have surface agitation, but more room for media.
     Oh, one more question.. just for further reference.... with the HOT
magnum, is the carbon/media container and the micron cartridge used at
the same time or is it either/or??  I guess what I want to know is could
it be run for daily use with just the foam and and carbon/media

joanne damon
joanne000 at webtv_net

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