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RE: [APD] HOT Magnum pro system

>I have one, it's worked well for me. But I don't use it as a constant
>filter. I primarily only use it with a micron filter that I move between
>tanks when things need some polishing and extra cleaning. So others may
>have a different opinion.


I have one too and use it in much the same way (sits in my closet most of
the time). I used this filter for a few months on one of my tanks and really
found it inconvenient to get to for cleaning etc... It also seemed to just
stop working altogether every now and again--I'd come home from work and the
impeller would be chugging away and the canister empty. Never got to the
root of this problem and just retired it.

It's great for my current uses for it though--hang on front of tank for a
few hours to clear water after I've stirred the substrate in a tank up or
something like that (its very portable for a canister). IMO this filter
isn't great for everyday use.



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