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Re: [APD] Low-light plants & goldfish -- or - Fine Tuning theappearance

I applaud your efforts.  Just be glad it wasn't a flat
screen TV.

Scott H.

Btw, I believe white clouds prefer the cooler temps that
the average houshold room might have.  Classier than
g-fish? Depends who you ask, I guess.

--- Laura Wichers <cellostix at wtw_waveform.net> wrote:
> A friend of mine recently converted an ancient TV into a
> fish tank (took 
> out the old tube, put in a 40gal All-Glass).  This
> despite my attempts to 
> get her to throw the whole TV idea out and spend her
> money on a smaller, 
> decent plant tank set-up.  So now she has the fish
> channel.

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