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[APD] Low-light plants & goldfish

A friend of mine recently converted an ancient TV into a fish tank (took out the old tube, put in a 40gal All-Glass). This despite my attempts to get her to throw the whole TV idea out and spend her money on a smaller, decent plant tank set-up. So now she has the fish channel.

Unfortunately there is not enough room between the top of the old TV housing and the aquarium for any kind of standard light fixture. She also has gone with fancy goldfish. I am still intent on "classing up" her fish tank so I'm up for suggestions. Looking for very low-light (the thing is near a window...), goldfish-tolerant plants (I thought maybe some anubias?), and possibly suggestions for lights that shine through the *back* of the aquarium or angle down from the back corners/side. Also maybe some more interesting fish that might work with goldfish. We are both college students so this has to be a very budgeted operation.

Currently it's just the 40gal + a AquaClear filter (size-appropriate but can't remember model #).



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