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[APD] white sand

I have a 125 gallon planted discus tank with white sand approximately 2 inches deep on bottom. I have never added supplements to the sand. I occasionally dose with formula K  or a Kent plant product when i remember, otherwise really not a whole lot of maintenance. I have some plant roots starting to show, so I'm planning to add another inch of sand to parts of the tank. Am i going to run into any problems when I start to cover whats been exposed for a couple years? My plants seem to do fine, I just added a bunch of new plants I got from Peter at Arizona Aquatic Gardens, also got some great advice from him, but forgot to ask him about the sand. My LFS had to special order the fine sand, it looks so nice I cant figure out why people dont use it, is there something I'm missing? If I open the door and look at the bottom side of the tank, you can see a web of roots that look extremely healthy.
By the way, I also added about 60 shrimp, some SAE's, about 20 olive snails and over 100 pencilfish that I got from AAG, and not a single casualty, just a whole lot less green hair algea on my driftwood! The advice and service I got from AAG was excellent, I'd highly recommend them to anybody looking for fish or plants!
Brad V
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