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Re: [APD] RE Reccomendations for plants -- Ferts and Dirts

> I would use some type of gravel fert for all of these
> plants (ie 
> laterite, flourite, etc)
Very good advice except a newbie might be confused by
calling Flourite, a commercial substrate, or laterite, a
substrate supplement, fertilizers.  While each is benefical
to plants and aid in nutrient uptake, neither is actually a
fertilizer. Macronutirents, nitrogen, potassium, and
phosphate must come from some other source (fish food, or
fertilizers) and micronutrients from fish food or, much
better, imo, trace supplements such as Seachem Flourish or
Tropica Master Grow (aka TMG).

Don't mean to be excessively picky -- just want to help a
newbie understand that nutrients must come from something

However, laterite mixed in the lower layer of substrate can
be a source of iron.

I do know of an example where someone apparently added no
nutrients other setting up the tank with substrate (with no
supplements) and the plants did quite well for quite some
time.  But I wouldn't recommend that technique as way to
start out ;-)

Scott H.

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