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[APD] Re: Digital cameras

Subject: [APD] Re: Digital cameras

I would like to thank everyone who wrote to me on and off list about the
subject. Unfortunately prices of cameras here are double those you have in
the US, and this is my first digital in any case. So after having seen
Giancarlo Podio's photos:

I have ordered the Canon A80, which should be here in a couple of weeks

Just another couple of questions for Giancarlo:
1) "I've always enjoyed macro and find that no matter how good a camera is
at macro, the rings are
so cheap that it's not a big factor for me when deciding on a camera to

What rings are you refering to? Are they Canon accessories or something
else? Canon accessories are not so cheap.

2)"Remote flash requires removing the sensor from the slave flash and taping
it to over the flash on the camera, ugly but works well"

Did you need to do this for the photos in the website?



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