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[APD] Re: Regulators

At 10:17 PM 10/15/2003, you wrote:
Here are a few regulators for sale on ebay

I looked at these and they don't look particularly cheap to me.

You ought to be able to buy a good regulator new for about $40 and shipping (about $5-10). The input side should already be correct for CO2, then you need an adaptor between the output side and your first thing. In my case the first thing is heavy wall hose, so I need a 5/32" barb fitting. Those can be found at any complete hardware store (over about 10000 sf). Not at a typical home center tho. Then you need hose, I use Hagen. Then you need a needle valve and adaptors for same unless your regulator includes one. Then you need a diffusor and adaptor for same. Seems like a lot of work to me, that's why I packaged them.

BTW, there is a new regulator being brought in from China by Milwaukee, the guys that make the pH pens. It is very attractively priced. It needs some mods to be legally sold in the US, I assume Milwaukee is chasing that. It is not marked with country of origin (a trivia item) and lacks a relief valve (a safety item required by US law). The gauges were certainly not spec'ed for our application. Except that it requires 110v to function. That is bad news and good news. The good news is that it includes a solenoid in case you always wanted to experiment with that idea. I bought one and it works fine if you overlook the funkinesses.

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