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[APD] worried

I would first like to thank all those who replied to my quest for help 
regarding lighting..."help with lighting choice". All replies were very 
helpful and I eventually ordered a mix of metal halides and power compacts in 
a 6 foot hood with fans. Anyway here's my latest worry..(and why is it that 
we can't have a tank without worries). I ordered the lights and was told that 
they would be delievered within 72 hours so I went ahead and ordered a 200 
plant selection from Floridadriftwood.com. This came in two days, arriving on 
the same day the lights were to arrive. Well to make a long story short the 
lights were not shipped. They had to order them and they will not arrive for 
7 to 10 days. This would have been really helpful to know BEFORE I ordered 
the plants. So now I have 200 plants and only the light fixtures that came 
with the tank originally, two double strip lights with 55 watt NO 

Question: Can the plants survive until the hood arrives ??? I don't expect 
that they will totally decompse before the lights arrive but will they be 
damaged to such a degree that I've wasted my money and time, not to mention 
killing a really nice bunch of plants ?? 

Thanks in advance for your help. 
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