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[APD] Digital Cameras

Mario fm Mexico wrote:

>> If you have $1,500 to spend I recommend a Canon EOS 10D Digital is a
professional camera, capable to use
all the wide range of EOS lenses of digital and non-digital Canon cameras.<<

I have been using Canon SLR's for more years than I want to admit.  I still
own (and until now, have regularly used) 2 Canon A-E1's.  Three years ago I
finally bought my first autofocus camera, the Canon EOS Elan 7E.  I was
pleased with the autofocus, (especially the eye-reading focus of the 7E)
though for work with fish, it was still too slow.  I continued to use my
A-E1's in manual mode for aquarium applications.  I have always needed
mutiple camera bodies when working with film cameras, because I like to have
different speed films available quickly while I work.

I have been lusting after a digital SLR for some time, and almost caved when
Nikon came out with their @ $2000 version late last year.  But... I have all
this Canon glass. I waffled just long enough and the 10D came out.  I was on
the waiting list.<g>  I have to say I LOVE this camera!  I use it almost
daily.  The autofocus is MUCH faster than my EOS Elan film camera, you can
set it to continually adjust for a moving subject (and this _IS_ fast enough
to keep up with moving fish) or you can take total control and use it on
manual. No need to have extra bodies for different film type... you can dial
the ISO in frame by frame.  You can also bracket both exposure and white
balance automatically in a single shutter click. Funny thing is that my
friends who are die-hard Nikon users who bought the Nikon digital SLR last
winter wish they'd waited for the Canon 10D.  Many people who have the much
pricier Canon digitals are "trading down" to the 10D.

For my purposes, I wouldn't buy a digital Rebel, for the same reason I
didn't buy a film Rebel.  I want the durability of the sturdier EOS body.
But I use my cameras a lot.  From everything I've read about film Rebels,
Wright is right. <g> for a less heavy-duty user, the Rebel is probably
plenty of camera with a lower price tag.

For people who don't already own a number of compatible lenses, there might
be more attractive options price-wise, and as Wright mentioned, under some
circumstances, a digital with changeable lenses might not be the best option

I don't know if I'm ready to completely divest myself of film cameras
(though I may thin the herd out considerably)  But I have to say that I
haven't processed a single roll of film since I bought the 10D.


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