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[APD] tinfoil barb advice?

Hi everyone! I love this list - I almost never post but I learn a ton from reading.

My tank is 120 gallons and well planted with many varieties of plants (crypts, swords, anubias, lilies, lotus, plus others). I have a school of cardinal tetras (15ish), another school of 10 "scissortail" tetras (or so named by my lfs) plus a 7 inch boat of an SAE and a few amano shrimp - probably around 5. I also have a 3 otocinclus.

Now my question - I'm a grad student in a big school, and apparently I have a reputation for owning fish. I just got an email from a guy I don't know who is looking to unload some fish. He apparently has

"two red fin tinfoil barbs I have that are too big for the 55 gal tank I have. They are about 3 1/2 to 4 years old and 11" long. They've never been sick, in perfect health, just too big now for where they are."

I know nothing about these fish. My inclination is that anything that big would eat all of my tetras, and I always thought most barbs ate plants. Am I right? Anybody know anything at all about these fish? Any advice you can give me would be GREATLY appreciated!

Also, if anyone is interested in these fish I'd be happy to forward your email to this guy. The school is in Boston, so I assume the fish live in Mass somewhere.

Thanks very much,
jen_jones at tufts.edu

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