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[APD] More digital camera stuff

I suggested the Canon Digital Rebel, because it is half the price and most of the features of the 10D. The latter is about $1500, but worthless without lenses (another grand or two!).

The 300 (Rebel) comes in a factory kit, with a lens designed specifically for the smaller sensor. That means, for a given f# and resolution, much smaller glass (way more compact than equivalent 35mm lenses). Total price is running below $1000, with that lens.

I can't use a camera with interchangeable lenses, because most of my photography is outdoors and in the desert. A 35mm camera advances to a new sensor with every shot. Digitals, OTOH, are easy to ruin, when trying to clean the static-attracted gunk off the filter over the sensor. Fixed lenses, with add-on tele and wide angle are more practical if you don't own a clean room for lens changes. A set of 3 "portrait" lenses gives me far better macro than any P&S Nikon, at much better light-gathering power. YMMV. [Yes, it's slower to change the lenses. Not a big deal for me (yet).]

On presetting focus and exposure by a half press: I was on my fourth digital before I found one with decent enough ergonomics to allow me to wait for "the moment." [By then, that 4th camera also had full manual!] Many are very poor, so try before you buy. That perfect instant may be in a few seconds, but often is a minute or more. Can you hold the preset that long? I couldn't on many expensive digitals. Could be because I'm old and shakey, but I don't think so.

Now back to your regularly scheduled discussion of water color in a white bucket. :-)


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