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[APD] CO2 reactor trickling sound

I'd just like to share an observation I've made and see if anyone else notices a similar thing. First thing in the morning when the dissolved oxygen is probably at it's lowest, my external CO2 reactor (PVC type on cannister intake) makes very little noise, maybe just a very slight trickling sound. But, later in the day when the water is saturated with oxygen, the trickling water sound becomes quite loud. I'm assuming this increased noise is due to oxygen coming out of solution in the reactor due to the increased turbulence and/or the slightly lower pressure on the intake side. A few bubbles even come out of the output, I assume they are oxygen bubbles too. Does anyone else notice this? Would having the reactor on the input or output make any difference? (lower/higher pressure = lesser/greater gas solubility). The sound doesn't really bother me, the running water sound is actually quite soothing. Just curious. Thanks. (CO2 20-30ppm, 50gal tank, 30-40 bubbles/minute).

Clint Brearley
Melbourne, Australia

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