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[APD] Re: Aquatic-Plants Digest, Vol 2, Issue 28

Try a really big Oscar ;-)

If you find an easier way let me know.

> From: David Whittaker <dwhitt at sympatico_ca>
> Subject: [APD] Surface scum
> Greetings,
> There was some discussion a little while back concerning the most
> effective method of ridding a tank of surface scum. Someone had suggested
> black mollies.
> For the past two years or so, I've had a major problem with surface scum,
> apparently algae,  in my 180 gallon tank. It is lit with 750 watts of
> metal halide lamps. The scum has been
> attenuating the intensity of the light falling on the plants. At 11 p.m.
> one night last week, I dumped 50 or 60 smallish (3 to 4 cm) platies in the
> tank and turned out the lights. At
> daybreak the next morning  I went to check on the tank. All of the surface
> algae was gone -completely! I was impressed.
> The advantage of the X. variatus is extreme hardiness and adaptability to
> soft water and temperature fluctuations. The disadvantage is that they
> multiply quite quickly, and can be elusive in
> a heavily planted tank.
> My question is how does one catch platies in a large gallon tank?
> Regards,

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