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[APD] creepy crawler in tank

I have been having fish deaths here and there for the last year in my 75
plant tank. Recently, I had a serious die off but finally found an ich
spot here and there adn am treating for that, but when I was breaking
down the tank, for other reasons, I found more "worms" like the one I
found several months ago. That thing was four inches, pink 2 mm or so
across and seemed to be a segmented critter with legs. I assume this is
some sort of arthropod and not a worm at all. Think centipede only
aquatic, without the visible "fangs", skinnier and translucent pinkish.
the ones I found breaking the tank down were smaller.

Has anyone seen these "worms" or have any idea what they might be or if
the might have a tiny stage that would damage my fish?

Please email me off list you have any serious ideas about this. There
may also be a nematode in there, can't tell yet.


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