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[APD] Re: Lux

Scott said, in part, 

  > Actually, watts per gallon is the *most* useful because,
  > although inaccurate, it's readily availailable.  . . . 

That reminds me of the story about the man who was found searching for his wallet at night under a street lamp.  When he was asked where he'd lost it, he responded that he had dropped it in the middle of the block.  Why was he looking down here, then?  Because the light is better, he answered. <g>

What I am looking for is something that would measure the "light energy" at the point at which it is often most needed, at the bottom of the tank.  Everybody knows that tall tanks require more lighting than short ones with the same capacity, and that very large tanks need fewer watts per gallon than small ones.  "Lux", or something like it, would quantify those differences and eliminate a lot of confusion.

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