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[APD] Kent RO Right Instructions & GH Testing


I am using Kent RO Right to reconstitute RO/DI water. The instructions say that it is recommended to use a TDS meter to set the proper level of Kent RO Right rather than a GH test. The labels says this is recommended as GH tests only measure Ca and Mg. When I follow these instructions to make what they call 'soft discus' water, they recomend a TDS of between 80-125ppm. But when I do a GH measurement when the TDS is in that range, I do not even measure 1dH.

Anyone else have the same experience when using Kent RO Right?

The label does caution to not exceed the recommended amounts(1/2 teaspoon per 10 gallons for 'soft discus') even if the GH test indicates differently.

Also..Id like to hear from people using Seachems Equilibrium on their experience with it.


Lorenzo Rota

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