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[APD] light banter ;-)

Light is an essential nutrient for our plants, driving the whole photosynthesis process.

There are several places to get accurate information on the subject, but the LFS, your friends at the club, and this list aren't always the finest.

Anyone who would understand the terms and units, the confusing hype, and the just plain wrong info we collect here, should do a web search and find a site that is at your comfort level for complexity. I just did that and found one that may satisfy the needs of about 90% of the folks who follow this list.


To be specific,


gives a nice clear view of what photometric units mean.

There are other sites that maybe give more info on color temp. (how much a given lamp looks like a heated blackbody) or on radiometric units, but this one is worth browsing for a lot of good sound info on architectural lighting. [Yes, that's what our tank lights really are! :-)]


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