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Re: [APD] Repost about hornwort, and a new question about Java Fern

Cheryl, I am just an enthusiastic amateur but here is my take on your
hornwort. I have kept Hornwort for several years and grown several kilos of
it in the process I should think.

The hornwort which is dark green is mature and it grows lighter green and
often reddish, but the very fine small compact growth occurs at low light
levels, the bigger expansive form grows at higher light levels. The rate at
which it grows relative to algae dictates whether it will be swamped by
algae. To make it grow bigger simply (with CO2) add more light IMHO try
doubling the wattage to start, to 40W and then if that's not good enough try

My 60 gall grows hornwort easily and it has 480W which is 8W/gall yours is
2W/gall, but it is prone to algae.
My 30 gall grows hornwort in the large form but only just and it has two 36"
40W flourescent ie 80W which is 2.5W/gall but it is a long tank and gets
some external light, and it has only a little algae.
My 10 galls both grow hornwort but very slowly and in the fine form as they
have only 40W between them and no CO2, they also get a bit of algae.

More light from a broader angle should help your Java too. I would expect it
needs light from what you describe. Of course there is a problem with more
light re algae but if you select the right kind of bulb and keep the tank
out of sunlight and are careful with fish foods then you should be OK.


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