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[APD] Luxed out

Hi group,

I've become a little confused over lux and it's meaning.

Looking for a new T8 tube, I was reading the blurb on Hagens range which
include LifeGlo, Sunglo, Powerglo, Floraglo etc and found that with
increasing tube length the lux increased. I thought lux was a measurement of
light (lumens) per metre, so surely the length of the tube would be
irrelevant? Am I missing something?

Also, Hagen describe their PowerGlo tubes as 'High Intensity' and Sunglo as
a 'standard tube that replicates natural sunlight', however the Sunglo tube
has a higher lux measurement than the PowerGlo (150 or so compared with
110). This confused me even more.....

In case it matters the PowerGlo is 18000K, the Sunglo is 5000ish (can't
remember the exact number).

Any clarification would be greatly appreciated!

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