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[APD] Re:Repost about hornowrt

About a month ago, I purchased some hornwort from a petshop. It was quite dark green and the "fronds"/leaves were quite stiff projecting out from the stem. Previously, I have bought hornwort, but it was soft and eventually died out. (That was before I got the hair algae under control). These new plants have been growing in my 10 gallon, but the new growth is a lighter green and is not stiff like on what I bought. Because growth is soft, I fear that eventually it will also eventually die out. Why won't it grow in the stiff form?

My guess is that the "stiff"growth was produced in full sun before the plant was harvested and sent to your fish store. The new growth you are getting is much more flexible with the internodes much further apart because the plant is in dimmer light. There is no reason why it should die if it is growing, now. Probably your other plants died because conditions got bad for them somehow. --
Paul Krombholz in sunny central Mississippi
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