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[APD] RE: grain of salt

Robert H wrote:
> Steve P wrote:
> > Take what you read here on the APD with a large grain of
> > salt. There is
> > considerable difference of opinion on certain subjects.
> > It's better when
> > those differences are discussed. It seems as if many of
> > the old "experts"
> > aren't posting very often any more.
> Well maybe the old experts are not commenting on this issue because it has
> been discussed several times, with quite heated discussion for at least
> three years now.

Regarding the use of the large grain of salt, I was speaking in more general
terms than the subject of CO2 tank dumping. ;-)

I would recommend anyone who wants to set up a CO2 system to follow the
instructions given in the Krib or to follow _exactly_ the recommendations of
the distributor for the CO2 diffuser system. IF I recall correctly, I
believe that he now recommends including a needle valve control AND a
pressure regulator in the diffuser CO2 system regardless of the regulator
output pressure. There was a certain amount of trial & error involved with
early prototypes in getting the most reliable & reproducible system.

If I fell that I have to post a dissenting view on any given subject, I try
not to make it personal or vindictive. Its a wise idea to save a draft
posting written in the heat of the moment, re-read it the next day & remove
the unnecessary bits, ESPECIALLY any personal references.


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