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Re: [APD] Middle School Fish Club

Caleb at calebcheung at sbcglobal_net wrote:

> I've been thinking about starting an after school fish club that would
> meet regularly to learn about the basics of planted fish tanks.  Of
> course I would share my cuttings and baby fish with them.  Additionally,
> we may start breeding projects for certain species of interest to my
> students.  However, working in an urban school has its own set of unique
> challenges.  Resources are limited.
> I'm curious to hear if there is anyone else out there that has done
> something similar or has assisted with a project like what I am
> proposing.  I would love to find out the details of how the club
> functioned and what types of things you did.  Maybe we can exchange
> notes in the future.   Thanks!

There have been similar inquiries to the list in the past. Go to
http://fins.actwin.com/aquatic-plants/ and in the left-hand column there is
a search field that says "Search FINS:". Enter something like "school
teacher" as a search term and look through some of the messages and you'll
probably find some email addresses. (Note that the addresses will be
reformatted, e.g.: "Sender at Domain_com" becomes Sender at Domain_com.)

To set up your tanks on the cheap, try to solicit some local fish stores to
"sponsor" the tanks and/or fish by offering them free "direct advertising"
(put their store's info on the tanks) to a gaggle of middle school students.
If you're keeping planted tanks, you don't need filters or air pumps.

If you want to do CO2 for the plants, use a DIY yeast system (go to
http://www.thekrib.com/Plants/CO2/ for details).

For fish, White Cloud Minnows will breed easily and quickly if given good
conditions. If the LFS donates half a dozen of those you'll have several
times that many in a couple of months.

For plants, there are usually extra plants offered on this list, often free
for the asking.


Dan Dixon

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