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[APD] Middle School Fish Club

Hi Everyone,

As a middle school science teacher, I have always shared my hobby of fish, plants, and aquariums with my students by maintaining tanks in my classroom and teaching a short unit on habitats. This school year in particular, a lot of my students have expressed interest in learning more than my curriculum provides and starting their own tanks at home. I've been thinking about starting an after school fish club that would meet regularly to learn about the basics of planted fish tanks. Of course I would share my cuttings and baby fish with them. Additionally, we may start breeding projects for certain species of interest to my students. However, working in an urban school has its own set of unique challenges. Resources are limited.

I'm curious to hear if there is anyone else out there that has done something similar or has assisted with a project like what I am proposing. I would love to find out the details of how the club functioned and what types of things you did. Maybe we can exchange notes in the future. Thanks!

Frick Middle School
Oakland, CA

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