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[APD] Re: empty CO2 cylinder -- tests, acid, and valves

Robert H said:
> Since I started using a regulator with a fixed, low, working pressure
> I have not had any problems at all. Of course it also has a needle valve.
> So whatever the reason, it works and I will not ever go back to using
> run of the mill high pressure regulators, even if just putting a needle
> valve on it will solve the problem.

Robert, what are the regulator settings that define a high vs. low
pressure system?

Scott H said: > both the cheap and the more expensive ones have > an integral blow off valve in case the "low side" pressure > gets too high.

Scott, how can I tell if my regulator has a blow off valve? (It's
an M3).

thanks, shireen

Shireen Gonzaga Baltimore, MD

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