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[APD] Re: Flourish Excel and algae

OK, I'll tell you something that you all know.  I'm a grandma who loves her 
aquaria, her fish, and her few aquatic plants.  I'm not an engineer, I'm not a 
chemist, but I do want to learn more and am not afraid to try something new, 
BUT it's horror stories like this one (and I'm sure that if I searched the 
archives I'd find more) that keep me from CO2 (and I don't even know what that is <
G>)!  Dear God in Heaven!  If Robert Paul Hudson has this sort of thing 
happen, I hate to think what kind of debacle *I* might have!

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aquatic-plants-request at actwin_com writes:

> The last time the tank emptied out over night in just a few hours, and in 
> each instance it
> killed every fish in my tank. It even killed the snails. In each instance I 
> was using a regulator bought from one of the old pros here without a needle 
> valve, and in each case it was a cylinder obtained in a swap with a supplier 
> less than two months old that had been inspected and certified. I also had a 
> check valve on the system 2 out of the three times. Since I started using a 
> regulator with a fixed, low, working pressure I have not had any problems at 
> all. Of course it also has a needle valve. So whatever the reason, it works
> and I will not ever go back to using run of the mill high pressure 
> regulators, even if just putting a needle valve on it will solve the problem.

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