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[APD] Pellia turning translucent-help!

Hi everyone,

I know Pellia has another name now, but I cannot remember the new one yet. 
Anyways, I have a decent stand of Pellia and a few days ago it starte turning 
clearish and then disintegrating. Not all of it is gone, but a good bit. The 
only thing out of the ordinary that happened with the tank is that I had some 
sick fish in there, and I treated the entire tank with Paragon by Aquatronics. 
I'm not sure if this treats Gram + or Gram - bacteria, but my local expert 
determined I needed this. The Paragon worked very well and the fish are fine and 
the other plants are fine, except the Pellia. I noticed this a couple days ago 
and it has been probably 8-9 days since I removed the medicine with a water 
change and carbon filtration. It could have started before I noticed it. Life has 
been busy lately.

Tank parameters: 240 gallon, sump circulation setup, no biofiltration. CO2 
injection, metal halide lighting. Additives: SeaChem Nitrogen, Seachem Iron, 
Seachem potassium, Seachem Alkaline Buffer for KH, Seachem Equilibrium for GH, 
Tropica MaterGrow. GH is 4, KH is 4, Nitrogen is currently 13.2 per Lamotte test 
kit. I haven't changed anything except raised the temp a couple degrees to 
about 81 prior to adding some Discus to the tank.

I have moved some of the green Pellia to my Quarantine tank I am now using 
religiously in case I lose the remainder.

Any ides what might have caused this? My guess is the Paragon, but I'd 
appreciate any input.  Thanks for any help.

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