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[APD] End of the CO2 tank dump (pressure)

ALL beer tap regulators are equipped with a mandatory pressure 
relief valve.  I have the spec data sheet for the R-82 Norgren 
Beer Tap Regulator.  The pressure relief valve cracking pressure 
on this model is set at 60 +/- 4 psig.
This discussion came up a few years ago when some one was 
advocating adding pressure relief valves to force-fit O2 regulators 
to CO2 use.  If you are really worried about end-of-tank dump, 
one possible operating mode might be to keep the regulator low-side 
output in the 50 psi range and adjust bubble count with the needle 
valve.  If the tank does dump the pressure could only rise another 
10 psi before the relief valve opens.
Frankly though, I've had two Norgern regulators in use through 
many CO2 bottles left on until empty and have not seen them dump.
Lyndle Schenck
I think part of the problem is knowing what pressure the
relief valve should be. 

And then again, one might not have much choice. My
regulators, both the cheap and the more expensive ones have
an integral blow off valve in case the "low side" pressure
gets too high.  I don't know that adding another will help.
 I've always recommended using regulators with safety
blow-off valves on the low pressure side.

I set-up a refilled tank one day, and accidentally set the
regulator a tad too high.  When I came home, the blow off
valve had emptied my CO2 tank into the room.  Didn't hurt
the fish, but it meant another trip to the gas store. That
valve opens at about 25-30 psi.

Scott H.

--- Billionzz at aol_com wrote:
> Hi Scott,
> >>It could be as low as less than 100 pounds or it could
> be much higher.<<
>  Is much higher above 300psi?
>  If it's over 300psi and I added the 2nd relief valve
> wouldn't this end the 
> risk of (End of the tank dump) ?
>  If this is the case why isn't this method of prevention
> mentioned more 
> often, for $25 or less no more risk of killing your fish?
> Thanks,
> Bill
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