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[APD] Re: Red Pigment-K - pictures

The spectrum has a very direct influence of redness:

The red part of spectrum fast looses energy traveling through water.

L. arcuata only get red 10-20 cm from the surface: You can vary this
depth with the strength of the light. 

My theory about Amanos insane-red L. arcuata and E. stellata:
Amano must be growing his intense red plants floating at the surface 
and then replant them before the photoshoot. He also must av made 
his three books before he learnt this trick, because it is very obvious
that his L. arcuatas in the bigger tanks only get red 10-30 cm from the
surface. Sweet tricks.

I have two 10000K Aquarelles at the front of my aquarium, then
one SunGlo, then one Aquarelle and lastly two Osram Biolux.

The first picture was taken so you all could see that it isn't the
whitebalance or the color of light that fools our eyes - In the
same tank with the same water, nutrients and CO2 the color 
get's very different. 

As you can see at the 1287-picture I have laid the focus at
the green-yellow L. arcuata and the branches that reaches
forward the two Aquarelles are out of focus, thus proves
the L. arcuata is exposed to different light at different 

The following parameters are maintained by Tom Barrs
estimative index method and also JBL-tests that confirm
the method is working perfectly:
pH 6.5, KH 2.5, GH 4, PO4 0.5 ppm, NO3 5 ppm,
Fe 0.1 ppm.
Nutrients: Tropica Mastergrow, KNO2, KH2PO4
and K2SO4.

best regards
Daniel Larsson
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