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[APD] Re:empty CO2 cylinder

I'll agree with Steve Pushak.....at most with my 5lb CO2....at the end there
was an increase in the bubble count but only a minor change in pH.
I had for over 10 yrs a 5lb CO2-->regular welding pressure valve-->check
valve-->Dupla bubble counter-->dupla reaktor-S. I regulated it via a CO2(pH)
underwater bell. A quick daily check of the colour would indicate a change
in flow. Except with a new refill I almost never had to adjust the the
bubble count (the tank was good for 4-5 months: 24hrs/day) The the check
valves are a must, a small price to pay verus a new regulator/tank. I also
have a small spare tank for in between fills. The only time I had a 'dump'
was due to my own stupidity. Steve is right on the re- certification (every
5yrs?) but I didn't pay $60..( I live across the water from him)
However, I will admit my check valves are pretty skookum so I think they
would prevent any low pressure dump. I never used a needle valve on this
setup (but I have one now...I am finally setting up again after 2yr!).
In the end the underwater bell indicater save my aquarium's butt more than

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