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[APD] Plant people in the Philadelphia/Tri-State Area

Hello everyone,

Last weekend I had the opportunity to attend the Greater Washington Aquatic
Plants Assocation (GWAPA) Fall workshop.  First I would like to congratulate
everyone involved in such a successful event!  In fact, I was so impressed
with the turnout I thought I might give this a try:

I would like to know if anyone in the Philadelphia Metro/Tri-State area
might be interested in getting together to chat about aquatic plants.  If
interest is high enough, perhaps would could setup something more formal?
For the present moment I have setup a Yahoo group "phillyplants" which I
propose we use to work out the logistics of a first meeting: perhaps a
carpool trip to the Aquarium Center? The relevant addresses for the group

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Hope to hear from some of you!

Jeffery Ludwig
University of Delaware
Newark, DE

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