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[APD] End of the tank dump (pressure)


 What is the average pressure when the end of the tank dump occurs? Not the 
pressure it starts at but how much pressure is released to the needle valve? 

 The reason I am asking this question is because I put a relief valve between 
my regulator and needle valve. I am running around 20psi thru the needle 
valve and my relief valve opens at 25psi with a max input of 300psi.

 If the end of the tank dump is higher than 300psi I plan on installing 
another relief valve before the existing one that will open at 250psi and have a 
max input of 1000psi.

I am still on my first tank of CO2 so all of this is new to me. I still plan 
on refilling my tank when it starts to drop but I was hoping that the relief 
valves would provide extra safety just in case.

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