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[APD] Anubias advice

I have 6+ anubias plants in a small 10G in my sons room. No filter, no
light, no ferts added. Just plain gravel substrate and a large piece of
driftwood. Only critters are snails and lots of baby amano shrimp. Som of
the anubias are not even in the substrate and just float around. I think the
shrimp are eating some of the new tender roots. The anubias don't have any
algae (maybe because of all the shrimp) and are extremely full of foliage.
One even looks like a sphere, since it is floating around there is no "up"
for the leaves to grow toward so they are sprouting all around it. Looks
cool. I know that as soon as I put them in my larger high-light tank they
won't do as well, they will get leggy with fewer larger leaves that will
tend to get spot algae. So for me, they seem to like low to no light, and
very little ferts. Go figure.

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