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Re: [APD] what is this plant?

Re: [APD] what is this plant?

"Wow!!  Lots of responses split along 2 different
lines.  Although more
people tended to think it was a terrestrial fern, than
a Bolbitis."  

Who says they aren't both right.   This plant looks
like what has appeared in the hobby as Bolbitis
heteroclitus, a terrestrial plant that limps along
under water. If B. heudelotti is the cadillac of all
Bolbitus, this one is the moped.  The little new
growth you can coax out of it is overshadowed by the
dark green ratty looking leaves that hang on forever.

I have yet to see a picture of Bolbitus heteroclitus
that actually grew into a specimen aquarium plant.  I
have had people try to tell me how wonderful they
were, of course they were selling them too.  If anyone
out there has a pic of Bolbitus heteroclitus that grew
into a specimen plant in their aquarium and not just
added a few small delicate leaves I would love to see it.


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