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> GWAPA ended up with 9 new members and 15 others who may
> be interested. I'm estatic about that!
> Overall, a VERY successful event!

Caution: Long winded e-mail ahead :) But would REALLY appreciate your expert

First off, congratulations on the successful event :)  (GWAPA) Bloody
marvelous! Wish I could of been there.
Secondly, how do you go about organising such an event? This may seem like a
strange question but let me fill you in. I live in South Africa and to put
it lightly, the aquarist industry is a shambles. I can buy your run of the
mill aquarium paraphernalia but as for specialised equipment, its a no go. I
read TFH over here and you guys overseas are spoiled for choice.
I would love to be able to get my hands on some of that stuff :( Anyway, I
realise that obviously there is not such a demand for fish or aquatics here
so I decided to build a website that punts the aquatic industry here in
South Africa, I figured with a good decent site and some clever advertising
I'll be able to hopefully create a stronger industry than at present. Then
maybe I'll start to see some of these overseas companies exporting their
stuff here. Amen :)

Anyhoo, lets say in about a year from now the web is running and there is a
decent sized database of likely aquarists. How does one go about organising
a small (ish) event where you give a small demo on how to set up and
properly maintain a planted tank? Do you think an event like this could be
organised by one person? I'll probably have to start off small, perhaps do
the demo in my own house and then as it expands I'll hire a premises for 2-3
days. Anyway, the website is well on its way and I hope to finish it within
the next few months. Do any of you have any ideas or advice to offer me? Are
there any aquatic company owners on this list who would like to perhaps
offer their services/goods on my website?

ANY comments and suggestions will be greatly appreciated.
Warmest Regards

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