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Re: [APD] Re: clay substrate & thread algae

If I looked down at the sand, I think I'd see a line ;-) 

I don't want to cross any lines; just report what I've

Daniel might not be using the politically correct term but
indeed I have seen long thin hairlike algae (call it what
you will) be among the first to grow and then disappear in
newly setup tanks. I thought I recalled Tom B. mentioning
something like this too, with bba being the next to appear
until the tank gets stable.  That's probably a butcher job
on whatever Tom said so don't blame him if it's a muck.

Scott H.

--- Steve Pushak <teban at powersonic_bc.ca> wrote:
> Daniel Larsson claims:
> > Clay-fertilized newly setup aquariums often get severe
> thread-algae,
> > which slowly disappear as the substrate get iron
> depleted and the
> > convection
> > can't shoot up it's poorly balanced nutrients. If it's
> due to the large
> > amount
> > of iron or the fact that it's just poorly balanced for
> aquatic plants
> I completely disagree with the preceding claim.
> You will only have thread algae in an aquarium if you put
> plants, fish or
> water into the aquarium which have been exposed to thread
> algae. It grows
> whenever conditions are favourable for aquatic plant
> growth.
> It is an urban myth that you can control thread algae by
> nutrient dosing.
> You can certainly exacerbate an algae problem with
> excessive phosphates &
> nitrates.

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