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Re: [APD] CO2 regulator output pressure -- or - Get out your violin

My experience has been that I need to go back and forth
between the regulator and the needle valve to get the flow
I want.  Once it's tuned in, I can use either to fine tune
the flow.

I think Ideally, you'd like the needle valve to be as
closed as possible to prevent any rapid dumps of CO2.

You might notice that, if you close down the needle valve
to reduce the flow, the output pressure on the regulator
will go up, and somewhat compensate for the needle valve
adjustment you just made.  If you open the needle valve to
increase the flow, the pressure will tend to decrease,
again somewhat compensating for the needle valve adjust yu
just made.  It takes a minute or several for things to
stabilize when you make an adjustment.  So it takes a bit
of patience at first but shouldn't require much fiddling
once you get it where you want it.  In fact, only large
changes in ambient temps, which will affect the CO2 tank
hish side pressure and therefore the regulator performance,
should cause you to have to readjust before the CO2 tank is
out of liquid.

I've used more and even more expensive needle valves and on
cheap and more expensive regulators and this back and forth
fiddling has always been required.

As a *rule of thumb*, depending on your CO2 flow rate, CO2
tank pressure, your particular regulator, and ambient
temps, the output pressure will probably be between 10 and
20 psi.  But there's no law that says it has to be or that
it will be.  Go for stable and go for the desired CO2 ppm
in your water; let everything else accomodate that.

hope that's some help,
Scott H.

--- Clint Brearley <clint_brearley at telstra_com> wrote:
> I finally got my pressurised CO2 system up and running
> <GRIN> and I am currently fiddling around with regulator
> and needle valve trying to achieve the optimal bubble
> rate for my setup. Just this morning, pH 6.8, KH 4.5
> degrees, CO2 21ppm, bubble rate 19 bubbles/minute, 50gal
> tank. So far so good.
> My question is, what kind of output pressure should I set
> on the regulator? What are the advantages/disadvantages
> of setting higher/lower output pressures, if any? I
> currently have a low pressure setting around 0.4 bar (5.8
> psi). Is the outlet pressure really that important?
> Thanks.
> Clint Brearley
> Melbourne, Australia
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