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RE: [APD] GWAPA workshop - DC Metro area

I'm happy to report that the workshop was a huge success!
We had 75-85 people show up - 85% of whom weren't into
planted tanks (atleast before the got there anyway ;) )
We had good presentations covering the basics, followed
by a hands on demo of howto setup and plant an aquarium. 
We also raffled away a fully established planted 20G long 
aquarium, along with all the equipment. I'll post a picture 
of that setup taken that very day here soon. Raffle prize #2 
was the 'demo' tank and raffle prize #3 was a selection of 
Seachem stuff (donated so generously by our friends there) 
along with a 1 year membership gift cert. to the AGA. 

Then a 'mini' auction - 200+ items - was met 
enthusiastically - proof that the presentations met
their mark. Clearly we generated the interest we wanted to.

Some folk, whom I'd only 'met' online drove down for the
event - which was fantastic. We stood around and chatted
while the auction was going on. 

GWAPA ended up with 9 new members and 15 others who may
be interested. I'm estatic about that!

Overall, a VERY successful event!

Ghazanfar Khan Ghori

> From: "Sharon Frey" <sharonfrey at earthlink_net>
> Subject: RE: [APD] GWAPA workshop - DC Metro area
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> G,
> Dang it I missed it.  Seriously Ghori from Phoenix to Metro 
> DC I want details of all I missed.  So do many others on this 
> list.  Hmmm, take us on the adventure.
> Most Best,
> Sharon

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