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[APD] Fern

"Jon Cooper" <cooperj at westman_wave.ca> wrote:

>>Now that I finally got my 2x36 bright kit set up tonight and can actually
see this plant properly, I'm curious to know what it is.  A friend gave it
to me about 6 months ago, but he didn't know what it was either.  So far, it
hasn't really died, but it hasn't grown any.  The roots are brown and very
hard, the same consistancy as the stem - almost like a tree branch without
any leaves.
I've done a lot of looking around but haven't found a picture of anything
that resembles it yet.  Right now it's about 2.5" tall with the roots being
about 1-1.5". <<

It is a non-aquatic fern.  It probably comes from an environment where it
has to survive some flooding from time to time, which is why it has held one
without dying for so long.  If you take it out of the aquarium, and put it
in a humid terrarium, it will grow.  In the aquarium, it might take a very
long time, but it will slowly fade away.


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