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RE: [APD] GWAPA workshop - DC Metro area


Dang it I missed it.  Seriously Ghori from Phoenix to Metro DC I want
details of all I missed.  So do many others on this list.  Hmmm, take us on
the adventure.

Most Best,


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Ok folks, I just got in a HUGE order of plants that were
very generously donated by aquariumgarden.com for the
GWAPA workshop. Very healthy stuff! Infact, I was amazed!
So, I'm going to cancel the workshop and keep all these
plants myself and start up another couple of 75G planted
aquariums. Yeah yeah, ok, I'm kidding. The workshop is
still on for this Sunday, October 5th from 12 - 4pm.

So, why do I keep spamming the list? Well I'd hate for you
to miss out on what we've got lined up.
What's that you say?

We'll start off with a social with snacks etc. Have
a question? Come early and you'll get to pick the
minds of some of the more knowledgeable and
experienced aquatic plant hobbyists.

Next comes the actual workshop, where Rick Dotson,
Robert Ricketts and I will be talking about various
aspects of planted aquaria. I'll be setting up and
aquascaping a 20G tank to demonstrate some basic
principles. No, we won't bore you to death - we've
kept it short, yet informative. You'll also get a handout
with specific information on how to go about doing this

Then we'll have the mini auction. Well, lets not call it
a mini auction shall we? LOTS of plants - perfect to
start off your new planted aquarium with. We've got
something for everyone with easy plants, red plants,
large plants, can't kill it if you nuke it plants and some
of the more rare plants (some of which I guarantee you
haven't even heard of). Have any extra plants you want
to get rid of? Bring them to the auction and make a few bucks!

We've saved the best for last, with the RAFFLE. Here's
your chance to WIN a fully setup, ESTABLISHED, planted
aquarium with all the EQUIPMENT. Want to see it?
Here is the actual tank.

The second prize in the raffle will be a brand new 20G Long
aquarium and a bundle of plants for it! Perfect to start
off with.

Third prize will be a nice selection of Seachem products,
generously donated by Seachem. Enough to last you a WHILE!

Do I need to give you any more reasons to attend this workshop?
Hm..ok one more. Its FREE! So, I'll see you there.

Event details and directions - www.gwapa.org
Ghazanfar Khan Ghori

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