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[APD] Re:Hagen CO2 natural plant system

  Just a couple  more questions
What exactly is the end-of-cycle dump?
   I am also curious about the way the  Hagen system recommends filling
the canister helps with keeping the system working longer... they
recommend filling with sugar, then yeast and stabilizer, then water and
NOT mixing.. I called the company to verify this.
  I did find a "recipe" that calls for baking soda here:
http://www.aquahobby.com/tips/co2.html  It would need to be adjusted for
the smaller container.
  I also found some info that relates to the hagen diffuser here..
  There is is a discussion on having the bubble follow a v shaped tube
.. seems to be how the hagen diffuser works. My system has been running
for 4 days. I have a 10 gal tank so I set it up with the tube ending in
the middle spot as the direction calls for.  I am getting about one
bubble every 7 sec. that get very tiny before they break at the surface.
If i set it to the lower spot it would give the bubbles even more time
to diffuse. 
  Question: Does it matter where in the tank the diffuser is placed.  I
have it in the corner near the heater (? not enough circulation)   I
have a aqua clear mini ( set on low to avoid disturbing the surface as
much) on the other side of the tank.  
  I have seen a slight drop in my Ph. I recently changed my substrate to
onxy sand with some peat under it. This AM reading are 
Ph 7.4 was 7.8 before CO2
KH 5 dKH up from 4 dKH with the substrate change
GH 13 dGH this is up from 9 dGH since the substrate change.  (? concern)
  Any recommendations on any changes I should make?  I do have access to
water from a dehumidifier.. I am not sure if this is a safe source of
water or if the GH / Kh is even a problem that I should be concerned
with???   Right now I only have some plants that I have taken in from my
pond that are pretty tolerant to the high GH. I have ordered some
crypts, java ferns, stem plants and swords to replace these, that will
be arriving in about a week.  One pond plant that will stay is the four
leaf clover ..marsilea  
  One other basic question: When is the best time to take these tests?
.. I have been doing them in the AM before lights are on.

joanne damon
joanne000 at webtv_net

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