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[APD] RE: Spiral and multiple-tube small fluorescents.

I've always wondered that, since a 40w bulb is the full length of the
tank....  At any rate, I don't like using watts to compare these bulbs,
because technically they are only 15w etc and people get quite confused
because on the packaging, the SAME AS A 65 WATT BULB!  Is what people see
first and most...lumens would be a more constant comparison between the two,
no?   Could be wrong again lol :)


>O rats, I have to go look this up in my notes again, but as
>I recall, lumens ratings (as opposed to, e.g., candlepower
>ratings) are total light output, not the brightness of a
>given area of the bulb.

>So it's not really a bit off.

>Scott H.
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