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[APD] Re: baking soda in DIY CO2 and bread rising

Hi Joanne,
I used soda because my water is like RO. It slowed down the reaction and mix
would last about a week longer.
Ever forget to put the salt in the bread and notice that it rises fast and
flops? Same thing I guess. BTW, try heating oven to 100 and then off, leave
the oven light on and let bread rise in oven. Worked for me. :-)

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> I keep my house very cool in the winter and have a hard time getting my bread
to rise (yeast). 
> I did find an old post in the archives posted by Kevin Sheller, for a
> recipe to replace the refill packs (see his post  below).  I couldn't
> find a reply to his question about the baking soda for a stabilizer.
> joanne damon

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