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[APD] Re: Viruses and worms

(entirely off topic)

Robert wrote:

> As careful as I was, I still ended up losing some sales and orders, 
> and found myself getting way behind in work that needed to be 
> done. It was a very expensive lesson in stupidity. Never say you 
> are not stupid enough because fate will always prove you wrong!

Another thing you should never say is "I'm ok as long as it doesn't get any 
worse."  It will always get worse.  Then what?  See my "rapid weight loss" 
thread in the AB Green Room :)

Another point on viruses.  Use Linux, Apple, OS/2, BEOS, NeXT or anything 
else other than Microsoft.  A diverse internet is a healthy internet.  
Besides, to this point no one is really targeting worms for anything but MS 

Roger Miller
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