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[APD] Re: clay balls or jelly balls

>Either the tank is full
> of plants or hair algae.

Very common in clayfertilized aquariums because of the
convection shooting up iron in the water column. Clay contains
double amount of Iron compared to Potassium, and our
plants uptake is 200 times more of Potassium than Iron.
Not that ideal if you ask me.

But. I also know your point of view of planted aquaria. I read
the article of long term maintenance, which to me is as far
as one can get from the hobby as I know it. I can't even
dream of long term maintenance. I have to fiddle with
my tank every day.

>That is not necessarily the case with clay balls and certainly,
>the clay ball will not be releasing a cloud of dusty water. In fact, you
>remove one with little trouble at all, if you needed to.

BTDT. As I said. Dust-clouds all over the place. Never again.
I had to use my siphon directly at the spot where I was going
to remove a clay ball and *very* gently lift it up to not make
a really big cloud.

Perhaps you mean fired clay?

// Daniel.
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