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[APD] Molybdenum

What is the role of Molybdenum in aquatic plant biology?

It seems to be the largest atom used by plants. Interestingly for such a
large atom, it is a mobile nutrient.

A reference at <>
states: "Molybdenum (Mo) is taken up by plants as the molybdate ion (MoO4=).
It is required by plants for the utilization of nitrogen. Nitrate nitrogen
is converted to amino acids by the nitrate reductase enzyme; this enzyme
requires molybdenum. In addition, molybdenum is required for the symbiotic
fixation of nitrogen by legumes."

Another useful reference
<http://www.imcglobal.com/general/efumanual/pdf/micronutrients.pdf> states:
"Nitrogen metabolism, protein synthesis and sulfur metabolism are also
affected by molybdenum."

"Molybdenum is essential to plant growth as a component of the enzymes
nitrate reductase and nitrogenase [Sequi, 1972; Ivanova, 1972; Childers and
Borys, 1962; Albrigo et al., 1966; Reisenower, 1971]."
<http://www.imoa.info/technical/envt_database/3_BIOCHEMpchm.HTM> This
reference contains a lot of information about Mo enzymes.

I guess I answered my own question :%)

Steve in foggy Vancouver

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